Eccles Theater wins another lighting award

The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Theater, Salt Lake City’s premier performing arts center, has been honored once again in the 2018 round of lighting design award competitions. The project is now the winner of a 2018 A/L Light & Architecture Commendable Achievement Award, in the Whole Building Lighting category. This award gives the project added distinction, following its recent recognition with a 2018 Lumen Citation (see News Post here). This year’s A/L Awards judging was very selective: only 10 projects, chosen from an international pool of 118 total entries, were award winners.

The award is announced in Architectural Lighting (A/L) Magazine’s August 14 edition. In her opening comments to this announcement, editor Elisabeth Donoff comments that “this year’s work represents the global diversity of architectural lighting design . . . [and] bears witness to the deft artistic and technical hand of [these projects’] designers. Their understanding of light, and how it can create a sense of place and emotion while still meeting basic illumination needs, is truly remarkable.” Ms. Donoff closes these remarks in saying that the winning projects exemplify “. . .the critical role that the lighting designer plays in the overall development of a project.”