2020 Lumen Award: Center for Health & Well-Being, Winter Park

The new Center for Health and Well-Being in Winter Park, Florida is the proud winner of a 2020 Lumen Award of Merit.

The project earned glowing commendations from the 2020 Lumen Jury. One  judge remarked, “This is a nice, holistic lighting plan that creates individual vignettes, yet remains cohesive to the whole.” Another said, “Terrific lantern effect that works well with the warmth of the wood used throughout makes [the building] very inviting.”

If you have a few minutes, it’s worthwhile to see an interview with CBB’s Francesca Bettridge and Sang Lee, to hear them speak about how their deceptively simple design overcame substantial challenges to create beautiful, serene and elegant lighting for a monumental space.

Architect:  Duda|Paine Architects

Photographer:  Robert Benson Photography