Planned Parenthood Queens in the NY Times

An article in the New York Times’ weekly “Building Blocks” column commends the new Planned Parenthood Queens Diane L. Max Health Center for providing a positive, welcoming healthcare resource to its community.  CBB’s lighting design for the project  – a collaboration with Stephen Yablon Architecture – conveys a theme of brightness and optimism.

The project transforms a former storage warehouse into a modern ambulatory health center. The lighting design draws inspiration from the building’s ample windows with cove fixtures and skylight-like solutions that enhance the clinic’s open, light-filled atmosphere.  In addition, brightly-colored LED coves punctuate the sleek, white corridors to help organize the spaces and support way-finding.

Light, color and architecture are woven together to create an environment that is fresh, inviting, comfortable and contemporary.  The president of Planned Parenthood New York City referred to the Center as their “North Star,” whose design will serve as a paradigm for future clinics.