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The art of lighting
The sculpting of space

Creating comfort through light


“Never underestimate the importance of good lighting!”

— Francesca & Stephen

The Art of lighting – We use light to create spaces where people look good and feel good.

The Art...

Our designs respond to every home's unique architecture and interior design, and to each client's needs and preferences

...the Science

LED lighting and new lighting control technologies have become more complex. There are more options and potentially, more pitfalls. We achieve these elegant designs through our mastery of technical knowledge and our careful attention to detail.

We keep current with the latest advances because we focus solely on lighting and lighting design. We can offer you the best solutions that reflect the greatest value for your project.

Independent designers

We are independent designers, free from ties to manufacturers and distributors. We have no hidden financial obligation to other entities. This is very important to our professional code of ethics. As members of the International Association of Lighting Designers, we reaffirm our pledge to uphold these values on an annual basis. It is our responsibility to identify pricing irregularities if we see them. Through this commitment, we work on our clients' behalf to eliminate excessive spending.

Specialty lighting

Home offices

We are skilled in lighting home offices to maximize both comfort and functionality. In this age of teleconferencing, our designs for office lighting are essential in making people look their best.

Art collections

We specialize in the lighting of art and have a broad experience of working with pieces of all types, whether paintings, works on paper, sculpture, artifacts, or new media creations. Through our work with art collectors and at major museums, we have learned lighting conservation techniques that preserve these treasures and ensure they look great in your home.


We believe in the magic of a well-lit landscape. Our "less is more" approach leads us to create lighting with a gentle touch that shapes an outdoor space, revealing color, texture, and dimension. We pride ourselves on designs that are always environmentally sensitive, and respectful of dark-sky, light trespass, and endangered species requirements.

Great lighting is only achieved through creativity, experience and technical know-how.


Our team of lighting designers includes WELL Accredited Professionals. We have a complete understanding of circadian lighting, in addition to other techniques that can create a healthy home environment.

Good neighbors

We believe we should all be good neighbors. Our goal is to create lighting designs that enhance indoor and outdoor spaces while making every effort to avoid being environmentally intrusive.


We practice a "less-is-more" ethos. Our LEED Accredited Professionals lead teams in crafting designs that are energy-efficient and respectful of the environment.

  • Cost effectiveness

    With almost 40 years of experience to guide us, we create "tailor-made" lighting to suit your budget. Our repeat clients understand that our innovative solutions are an excellent investment.

  • How to control your lights

    The complex technology of lighting control systems is not always user-friendly. We design, engineer, and program these systems to make them easy and enjoyable for the homeowner.

Working with us

It starts with a conversation. We tailor each project to the client's needs and the design team's goals. Before we get started, we explore mood, ambiance, controllability, cost sustainability, and maintenance issues.

We bring inspired creativity, detailed preparation, thoughtful implementation, and a personal approach to the unique challenges of each project.

  • “Our firm has depended on CBB’s expertise and talent for decades. They strive to understand and respond to our design aspirations and our clients’ functional needs. As lighting technology has been changing in dramatic ways, CBB has kept us informed of the newest products, and their designers help us to incorporate these products into our projects.”

    — Randy Correll
    Partner, Robert A.M. Stern Architects
  • “It is always with confidence that we recommend CBBLD to our clients, as we know that . . . their team will provide not only attentive service but also the latest in lighting innovation and nuance.”

    — John B. Murray
    Founding Principal, John B. Murray Architect
  • “CBB tuned in to the design goals from the start and brought innovative ideas to enhance the project each step of the way. The CBB team is so easy to work with, creative, quick with ideas, and detail-oriented. They are not just great designers – they are also great teammates. They brought an expertise and openness to the design process that encouraged collaboration and imaginative problem-solving. CBB’s style is hands-on.”

    — Dan Wilson
    Principal, Olson Kundig Architects

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It starts with a conversation

We enjoy all opportunities to engage with people who find beauty in our work. No matter the project, big or small, reach out and let us know about your home. We strive to find a solution for anyone that wishes to transform their home through light.