CBB awarded Lumen Citation for Twin Brook Capital Partners Offices

CBB’s lighting design for Twin Brook Capital Partners’ Chicago office is the winner of a 2019 Lumen Citation. The award honors an integrated ceiling lighting solution that provides a backdrop for the office’s spectacular city views and extensive art collection, while also establishing an architectural vocabulary used throughout the project.

The lighting design adds height to low ceilings by creating a series of pop-ups between the office’s deep beams.  Each angled, perforated metal ceiling section is lit indirectly from a knife-edge cove on one side. The soft glow draws attention to the ceiling, while the repetitive sequence draws the eye to the window wall and the city views beyond. The same cove solution is applied at corridors and work areas, which creates a unifying design motif across the project’s many open-plan spaces.

The company’s credo stresses transparency and openness. CBB’s lighting solution establishes continuity across a range of glass-partitioned spaces, making this transparency literal. Although it adheres to strict organizing principles, the office’s lighting conveys an easy elegance, a modern openness, and a human scale that welcomes both staff and visitors.

Architect:  Stephen Yablon Architecture
Photographer:  Steve Hall