MCC Theater’s lighting design wins a 2021 Lumen Award
CBB’s lighting design for New York City’s MCC Theater, the new home of a celebrated off-Broadway company, is the proud winner of a 2021 Lumen Award of Merit.
The 2021 jury commended the lighting solution for doing more with less, achieving an unfussy elegance that belies the sophisticated design effort involved in its creation. One judge commented, “Everything is so symmetrical these days, so I liked the seemingly random spacing of the ceiling fixtures in the lobby. Reading about the designers’ precise configuration of these fixtures was an unexpected twist – one that played into the creation of a visually appealing design.”
Click here to see an interview with CBB’s Stephen Bernstein, Renata Gallo, and Marty Salzberg (formerly with CBB). Hear the design team’s insights on an imaginative lighting design that unifies and enlivens a diverse architectural palette.
Architect: Andrew Berman Architect
Photographer: Michael Moran/OTTO