Daryl Roth Theatre awarded a 2016 Lumen Citation

CBB is honored to announce that their lighting design for the Daryl Roth Theatre is the recipient of a 2016 Lumen Citation for Skillful Illumination of a Historical Facade.

The project’s lighting gracefully transforms the exterior of the former bank building to make it come alive after dark. The designers’ solution was to create a custom fixture and use it in a variety of ways to light the classical architecture of the 60′ high structure.  Critically, the fixture met strict landmarks requirements. The newly illuminated theater building brings a jewel-box street presence to New York City’s Union Square.

You can read the detailed story of the design process, its trials and tribulations, and the design team’s ultimate success through innovative design and determined perseverance. Click here to see the candid cover feature article in Architectural Lighting Magazine‘s May/June 2016 issue.

Owner: Daryl Roth Productions, New York
Landmarks Consultant:  Rosen Johnson Architects
Photography:  David Sundberg / Esto