Marty Salzberg’s ASHRAE Work

CBB Senior Associate Marty Salzberg continues to serve as an IALD representative to the ASHRAE 90.1 Lighting Subcommittee.  Marty is currently part of ASHRAE’s update and overhaul of the lighting section to be included in the 2016 Standard. Her 28 years of lighting design experience informs her committee work, whose goal is to ensure that beautiful, high quality lighting design remains achievable well into the future.

Recent activities include:

  • An ongoing effort to do a major overhaul of the standard, looking to create an energy standard that is easier to understand, apply and enforce.
  • Evaluation of LED technologies for inclusion in the light power allowance models.
  • A study of the façade lighting allowance, based on the IES Handbook 10 façade illuminance recommendations.  This study led to a formal interpretation that modifies the way the façade area is evaluated
  • Obtaining of an informal interpretation confirming the application of the theatrical lighting exception for video-conference and distance learning environments.
  • Clarification that retail space design regularly requires both the decorative and retail display lighting power allowances.
  • Work toward a change in language that would allow the use of the whole building/whole area compliance path for additions and alterations (at present, these must be calculated using the space-by-space method).