Winter Park, FL

Winter Park’s new wellness center houses fitness zones, classrooms, and community resources, all linked by a large Commons that features a soaring, 44’ high atrium as its centerpiece. CBB’s lighting solution for this 16,000 SF space uses just two fixture types. Variations in beam spreads, aiming angles and control strategies are used to articulate the ceiling, achieving the dual goal of highlighting its dramatic, undulating form and ensuring its visibility from outside.

The same approach is used in associated spaces to create impactful lighting with just a few fixture types. In the kitchen and nutrition area, an indirect/direct linear pendant that conforms to the room’s square shape, provides a bright, cheerful light. In the pool area, downlights of varying aperture sizes give a nod to a nighttime sky populated with stars and planets.

The lighting is so thoughtfully integrated into the architecture that the sources of illumination are not readily apparent. Despite complex engineering, the Center’s lighting is unfussy, serene and deceptively simple in its elegance.


Duda/Paine Architects


Robert Benson Photography