Stony Brook, NY

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Three connected, new structures – a Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital and Auditorium – give Stony Brook University’s medical campus a new visual identity. The design draws inspiration from the nearby landscape and the organic architectural forms it suggests. Our lighting reinforces these references, always with the intent of making the spaces as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

In the whimsical lobby of the Children’s Hospital, LED grazers highlight brilliantly colored mosaic “bubbles” and surfaces. Circular, recessed, ceiling fixtures in varying diameters strengthen the imagery. Patient rooms are outfitted with color-changing LEDs that work with customizable DMX interfaces and easy-to-use bedside controls, enabling children to personalize their environments.

The auditorium lobby, whose ellipse-shaped form is reinforced by glass-trimmed downlights, also functions as a ground-level link between the MART and the Children’s Hospital. A cluster of glass and metal pendants transforms the space into a welcoming arrival point.

In the shared auditorium, indirect cove uplights emphasize the overlapping petals of the stepped ceiling panels – a dramatic effect that emphasizes the room’s sweeping arc and directs attention to the stage.

The MART lobby again references the water theme. The double-height space features a blue glass art piece at its ceiling. Layered, overlapping circles of LEDs are animated via DMX controls to suggest ripples of water. This art feature embraces all our lighting design concepts: celebration of water and nature imagery, reinforcement of pure geometries, and design of spaces that evoke joy and delight.

Click here to see a video of the animated lighting art feature.


  • Lumen Award of Excellence

  • NLB Tesla Award of Excellence

  • LIT Awards - Winner, Healthcare Lighting

  • IES Illumination Award of Merit - Interior Lighting


Pelli Clarke & Partners / AECOM


Jeff Goldberg/Esto