Fairfield, CT

CBB designed a comprehensive lighting solution for Fairfield University’s new Leo D. Mahoney Arena. The Arena’s exterior lighting creates a dramatic arrival experience with its transparent front entrance that reveals an array of illuminated spaces and activities within the building.

Inside, ceiling-mounted accent lights highlight the Fairfield Stags team graphic at a stair ascending from the lobby to the Stag Club above. At the Club level, linear pendant fixtures fill the volume of a 25’ ceiling, provide a sense of scale, and add an element of excitement – both within the building and when viewed from outside.

At the playing court, lighting attached to major structural beams evenly illuminates spectator seating areas while keeping the fixtures hidden from view.

CBB’s lighting for back-of-house and team areas supporting the playing court elevates these spaces to the level of first-class amenities. In the dressing area, lighting for the team’s logo in the center of the ceiling is combined with cove lighting and task lighting for individual lockers to create an energizing space.  A theater-style screening room provides a comfortable space where past games can be reviewed.  Even corridors are treated with care – the linear fixture motif is repeated here for a cohesive design, and graphics are highlighted with special lighting.

The cost-effective lighting solutions foster a welcoming ambience and enhance the dynamism embodied in the university’s community.


  • LIT Awards -Honorable Mention


Centerbrook Architects & Planners


Jeff Goldberg/Esto