Austin, TX

Colorado Tower is a 30-Story office building that brings a new vitality to Austin’s growing downtown area. The project’s main challenge was the illumination of two substantial glass volumes: the building’s crown, and the lobby, which features a 68.5’ long art-glass wall.

The lobby’s textured glass wall uses an aqua-painted wall behind it to evoke the cool, rushing water of the nearby Colorado River. The wall is a dramatic feature, set in contrast with the lobby’s neutral palate and natural materials.

The tower’s massive crown is illuminated using a vertical banding of light, establishing a cadence to the lighting and accentuating the height of the tower top.

The project’s lighting solution creates a new city landmark, whether the building is viewed from near or far.


Duda|Paine Architects; Kendall/Heaton Associates


Robert Benson Photography; ATMTX Photography