New York, NY

CBB reimagined the lighting for this LEED Gold office tower’s entrance plaza and lobby, providing a design that imparts a sense of grandeur and warmth.

The building’s ample entry plaza is transformed into an inviting exterior room. After dark, soft ambient lighting complemented by select feature illumination encourages pedestrians to sit and gather.

A motif of tilted vertical planes is visible throughout the plaza and lobby.  Rather than relying on one lighting approach, we created a different lighting solution for each occurrence of this theme. The variations provide a cohesive design that adds depth and dimension to the lighting composition.

A perimeter cove gently illuminates the wood wall leading to the elevator lobby, while accent lights emphasize the artworks featured there. The elevator lobby’s wood-clad walls provide a contrast to the white surfaces of the main lobby. Edge-lit, light-refracting resin panels wrap the entire space in a glittering perimeter wall.

The lighting design surmounts numerous technical challenges to blend seamlessly into the architecture. This integration, combined with a thoughtful balance of ambient and feature lighting, offers tenants and visitors a bright, invigorating welcome.


  • ARCHITECT Light & Architecture Merit Award

  • LIT Awards - Winner, Ambient Lighting (Lobby)

  • IES Illumination Award of Merit (Exterior & Plaza)

  • LIT Awards - Honorable Mention (Plaza)


Studios Architecture


Alan Schindler Photography