Bilbao, Spain

This 40-story corporate headquarters is the first LEED Platinum certified tower in Europe. CBB designed the tower’s exterior / night imagery and site lighting, as well as interior lighting for a complex network of lobbies, elevators, staircases and other public spaces.

A soaring skylight canopy reaches out between two flanking buildings, beginning a sequence that takes visitors into the main lobby, which is set back from the street. Inside the lobby, illuminated ribbons of glass set into the floor, border extensive areas of interior landscaping.

As Bilbao sees predominantly overcast weather, special attention is given to creating an uplifting quality of light by capitalizing on the materials and the inter-reflections between them. The designers created a composition that articulates and celebrates the building structure’s complicated geometry.


  • Lumen Award of Merit

  • IES Illumination Award of Merit


Pelli Clarke & Partners / Ortiz Léon Arquitectos


Jeff Goldberg / ESTO