New York, NY

The Cortland is a New York City residential building that reflects the industrial heritage of its Chelsea neighborhood. The lighting design showcases the diverse palette of materials, such as patinaed metal, wood, and laminated glass, that is used in the architecture and interiors.

The fixtures are on a dimming system that allows the lighting to change with the time of day, creating different moods and atmospheres. The lobby and amenity spaces are bright and welcoming during the day, but dim and seductive at night.

In the fun and interactive children’s area, kids can choose lighting that reflects their favorite colors.

Throughout the building, the illumination composition combines lighting integrated into the architecture with decorative fixtures.  The result is lighting solutions that punctuate the spaces with character and style, creating a project that enhances the building and its surroundings.


  • LIT Awards - Honorable Mention


Robert A.M. Stern Architects / Olson Kundig / SLCE Architects


Colin Miller Photography