Omaha, NE

The Steelhouse Omaha music events venue is a tribute to Omaha’s manufacturing roots. The charcoal-toned aluminum building introduces an industrial aesthetic that extends seamlessly into the interior.

The lobby is brought to life by a staggered pattern of glowing linear fixtures attached to a suspended metal mesh ceiling – a design that evokes a sense of rhythm and movement. The illuminated, red metal wall hints at the colorfully lit spaces beyond. Color-changing lights in the lounge add visual vitality that transforms the space into a vibrant social hub.

Inside the performance hall, color-changing lights graze the metal mesh walls, filling the room with saturated hues. The white light in the staircase creates a striking contrast to the vivid colors in the performance hall. By emphasizing the dark, patterned metal walls, the lighting forges a visual connection to the building’s exterior.

The dynamic, color-changing lighting is more than just decoration – it is a reflection of Omaha’s spirited energy and burgeoning cultural scene.


Ennead Architects / Holland Basham Architects


Tom Kessler Photography; Bruce Damonte Photography; Ennead Architects