Buffalo, NY

The Erie Canal Historic District revitalizes the decaying western terminus of the canal that shaped the nation’s economy in the early 19th Century. The complex site is comprised of dock areas, a bridge, interpretive elements, excavated ruins and a new Naval Museum.

Lighting fixtures are carefully integrated into the landscape and architectural features, in a way that does not compete with historic elements. Special attention was given to revealing texture and form through the careful balance of a variety of white light sources.

The result accentuates key elements of the site and transforms them into a multi-layered lighting composition not readily apparent by day. The site serves as hub of activity with a wide range of uses, including interpretive activities, leisure pursuits, and festival gatherings which will ensure its continued, active usage by residents and visitors alike.


  • IES Illumination Award of Merit


Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects / Flynn Battaglia Architects


Max Donoso Saint