New York, NY

This townhouse for a young family was traditional in design and feel, yet featured a number of innovative lighting solutions.

Since we were unable to recess fixtures into the ceiling of the living room and dining room (shown here), we devised a custom railing system for the lighting that illuminated the owner’s art collection. The rail not only supported the canvases, but was a conduit for the electrical current that powered the picture lights. The solution gave the couple a clean, flexible lighting solution that would accommodate their wish to change their art from time to time.

The multi-storied townhouse had a central staircase topped by a skylight. We devised a mounting system whereby the lanterns are hung from one central support, with each fixture powering the one below.

The master bath features a special laylight above the sink/vanity area. An easy-to-use control system allows the residents to change both the color (from warm to cool) and the intensity of the light to simulate any lighting condition.


M(Group) Architecture & Interior Design


Images courtesy of M(Group) Architecture & Interior Design