New York, NY

The lighting for this renovated lobby transforms it from a dim, forbidding space into one that is bright and welcoming.

CBB’s design solution centered around keeping the existing pendant fixtures, at the owner’s request, and adding selected elements to improve the overall lighting composition. In the pendants, yellow-tone, screw-in, compact fluorescents are replaced with new, 3000K LED lamps that produce a balanced and clean light.

A further challenge was to highlight the ceiling in a way that celebrates this significant but previously unlit feature. We used the corbels at the ceiling vault springpoints as a physical base that supports new uplights. Each of these custom uplights contains and conceals a row of retrofit LED lamps, carefully positioned to uplight the ceiling. The polished stone walls reflect the now-illuminated ceiling, making the space feel larger.

The new lighting solution revitalizes the lobby while maintaining respect for its historic design.


Future Expansion Architects


Frederick Charles