New York, NY

This project delivered an innovative showroom for Lutron, a high-profile manufacturer of lighting control systems.

The showroom is set up to show the wide variety of lighting functions and effects that Lutron systems can provide. To do this, the large, single showroom space is divided into smaller areas, simulating the various rooms of an upscale residence. Each of these separate spaces demonstrates a different aspect of Lutron’s lighting system technology, in a setting that is familiar to showroom visitors.

In the Living Room area, a floor-to-ceiling media wall emulates a window through which the outdoors is viewed. In reality, this “window” is backed by an LED display system, which provides lighting effects to imitate exterior views of the seaside, a sunlit sky, or a forest setting. The LED fixtures evoke visual effects that are impressionistic rather than literal, with a pleasing “watercolor” look and feel.


Smith Stanley Architect


John Hewson