CBBLD is a leader in sustainable, energy efficient design. We are a corporate member of the United States Green Building Council, the official organization for LEED. certification. The USGBC has certified over 30 CBBLD projects incorporating LEED. Some of these certifications are “firsts” in the industry: the first commercial tower to obtain Platinum level certification; and the first law firm interiors to achieve LEED certification. When CBBLD clients have opted not to seek LEED certification, we have nonetheless followed or exceeded LEED standards or stringent state codes, such as those dictated by California’s Title 24.
Sustainable design requires a holistic team design effort. CBBLD is always an active participant in this process. We bring to the table expertise in energy code compliance, energy-efficient lighting fixture technologies and applications, low mercury lamp sources, well-shielded exterior luminaires and lighting control system strategies. Our team also has the technical proficiency to analyze and develop lighting solutions that incorporate daylight.
In addition to being energy efficient, a sustainable lighting design must also be maintainable. CBBLD is very experienced in the specification of energy-efficient, long-life sources, such as fluorescent, low wattage metal halide and LED. We strive to use a minimum number of different sources to facilitate light color consistency, ease of restocking and replacement. We were pioneers in the early use of LEDs in architectural lighting and continue to research the newest technologies.

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