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New York, New York

The design of this renovated medical clinic belies the dark, traditional architecture of the building that houses it.  The lighting plays an important role in this transformation.

A rear-illuminated main lobby ceiling is lit to evoke a bright sky and offer relief from a low ceiling height.  Counseling and exam rooms use lensed fixtures to provide a bright, diffuse light which suggests a day-lit, non-institutional space.  The vaulted corridors are lit from a cove light that provides a gentle ambient illumination.  A perimeter screen wall, made from a material crafted by African women whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS, is rear-illuminated to radiate a soft, calming glow.

In addition to its functional role, this health center’s lighting creates a warm, reassuring psychological effect for a user group in need of comfort and hope.

IES Illumination Award of Merit
Stephen Yablon Architecture
Michael Moran