• Duke Baldwin Auditorium
  • Duke Baldwin Auditorium
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  • Duke Baldwin Auditorium
  • Duke Baldwin Auditorium

The re-lighting of this historic auditorium brightens and enlivens the space without touching its fragile structure. Previously, the room had few windows, the oculus was covered, and the decorative fixtures were inadequate. Since the ceiling and dome could not be altered, the designers had to find creative ways to light the space on a very low budget.
The oculus and dome now glow, pendants provide visual interest as well as balcony lighting, side-vault ceilings are illuminated, and decorative accents embellish the balcony fronts. Thoughtful, deceptively simple solutions deliver maximum impact while remaining 45% below the energy allowance, transforming the theater into a welcoming arts destination.


Lumen Award of Merit; IES Illumination Award of Merit
Pfeiffer Partners Architects
C. Ray Walker/Duke University; Christopher Payne; Pfeiffer Partners Architects