Chi received a B.A. in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.  In her ensuing four-year career as a professional architect, she was drawn to projects where lighting design was a significant factor.  She saw the many ways in which lighting can accent and enhance a building’s architecture.  

During continued studies for an M.A. in Architectural Lighting Design at Hochschule Wismar, Germany, she worked as an intern at CBBLD. Following her graduation in 2008, she joined the team as a full-time Designer and was promoted to the role of Associate in 2013.

Working at CBBLD, Chi appreciates the variety of projects and the ongoing opportunities that these projects present for professional growth and learning.  She has a special interest in designing attractive, user-friendly and cost-effective lighting for offices and institutional buildings.

Chi is a member of the Professional Lighting Designer’ Association (PLDA).