Batuhan (Batu) started his professional career as an Urban Designer and Architectural 3D Visualizer, after his 2015 graduation from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Istanbul with a BSc of City and Regional Planning. His interest in lighting developed through his 3D artwork, in which he experimented with adding lighting effects to architectural designs. Through this process he realized the depth and dimension that well-designed lighting can bring to architecture, and its positive impact on the people who use those buildings. This realization drove him to continue his education, specializing in architectural lighting design. In 2017, he graduated from Hochschule Wismar, Germany with a Master of Arts in lighting design.

He worked for CBB as an intern in 2016, then spent 2017 abroad, completing his studies and working as a designer in Istanbul. He rejoined CBB as a full-time designer at the end of 2018. Batu’s work at CBB encompasses a variety of projects, including educational buildings and campuses, healthcare centers, private residences and corporate offices.

In his project work, Batu maintains a passion for creating atmospheres that are both user-friendly and inspired. He believes that lighting has the power to affect our visual and emotional perception, providing the users of buildings and spaces with the best possible experience.